The meal pay­ment plan pol­icy at Ayersville Local Schools has come under the micro­scope this week fol­low­ing some parent’s Face­book posts.

Daniel Starr posted online [QUOTE] “My chil­dren came home on Mon­day to tell me that they were pulled out of the lunch line and told that they would not eat today (Mon­day).” He said that a total of 24 stu­dents were pulled from the lunch line that day because of lack of money in the stu­dents’ lunch debit sys­tem.

School offi­cials counter that parental noti­fi­ca­tion of low lunch bal­ance should be made by email. Offi­cials say when a student’s account reaches a cer­tain low bal­ance (des­ig­nated by the par­ents), the child is handed a low bal­ance receipt to take home to the par­ents. In addi­tion, par­ents get an email to notify them about the bal­ance.

Appar­ently, some par­ents are not get­ting the emails. The school says it will work on that.

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