Scooter Law Challenged In Archbold

They have rules in Arch­bold, and appar­ently, you bet­ter now break them.

Arch­bold police tick­eted a dis­abled man for dri­ving his mobil­ity scooter on a side­walk. Now, that man, 53 year old Mark Miller, says he plans to fight it.

Miller, who with­out his scooter is stuck at home, says he didn’t have an acci­dent, and he wasn’t speed­ing. He can barely walk, and he needs the doctor-prescribed scooter to get around.

Last week, Miller took his new scooter out for a ride. That’s when Arch­bold police pulled him over on a side­walk and wrote him up. Accord­ing to police, a scooter like Miller’s can’t be used on side­walks or in the streets of Arch­bold.

Miller dis­agrees, say­ing any­where a pedes­trian could go, a mobil­ity device for the hand­i­capped can go. He plans to fight the ticket. He’s due in court today to take up the fight.

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