By a three to one mar­gin, The Bryan Board of Pub­lic Affairs voted Tues­day to allow Span­gler Candy Co. to replace a fail­ing 1940 water well with a new well.

Accord­ing to the Bryan Times, by lan­guage in the agree­ment, Span­gler acknowl­edges that in case of emer­gency, the com­pany “will be required to equally par­tic­i­pate in the city-wide emer­gency efforts as rec­om­mended or required by the Bryan Board of Pub­lic Affairs.

The agree­ment also pro­hibits Span­gler from pass­ing any expenses along to Bryan Munic­i­pal Util­i­ties or its cus­tomers. And, if Span­gler should ever be sold, the new pro­vi­sions will be dis­closed and assigned to the new owner.

The com­pany also will install required safety devices and install a fence for secu­rity purposes.

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