Stolen Van With Dangerous Chemicals Recovered

A van which was stolen Tues­day in Swan­ton, was recov­ered by Toledo Police. In it, police found poten­tially fatal chem­i­cals, which were, accord­ing to police, mostly still intact.

The white 1998 Ford E350 had a 14-foot black, home­made trailer attached to it, and inside the trailer was a Polaris all-terrain vehi­cle. The ATV was pre­vi­ously found in Toledo, but the van and about 50 pounds of haz­ardous chem­i­cals were miss­ing for about a day. The chem­i­cals were said to be those that are typ­i­cally used to treat ponds, and can be dan­ger­ous or fatal if ingested or in some cases, they come in con­tact with skin.

Police the­o­rize that who­ever stole the van prob­a­bly had no idea that there were dan­ger­ous chem­i­cals in it. They think the per­son or per­sons just saw a van with a trailer and an ATV that looked like an easy take.

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