Teacher Agreement Reached In Edon

At a spe­cial meet­ing held Tues­day evening, Edon teach­ers and the Edon North­west Board of Edu­ca­tion agreed on a one-year con­tract with no pay increase, but the agree­ment will con­tain a re-opened pay sched­ule. The two sides only had to for­mally meet in two sep­a­rate one-hour ses­sions before com­ing to the agree­ment, that now calls for a zero-percent pay raise. The agree­ment expires June 30, with nego­ti­a­tions set to begin again next spring when the state bud­get will have been released.

Pre­vi­ous nego­ti­a­tions that took place between June 2013 to the fall of 2014 almost led to a strike, and called for inter­ven­tion by a state medi­a­tor. That one-year agree­ment came within just one week of the teach­ers’ association’s strike date.

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