The Fountain Will Soon Be Running In Bryan

This can only mean one thing… it is finally spring! We are happy to be talk­ing today about the water being turned back on at the Bard Cen­ten­nial Foun­tain on the cour­t­house square in down­town Bryan. That couldn’t have hap­pened with the cold, freez­ing weather we had just a few short weeks ago. Now, the foun­tain is set to be turned on for the sea­son, no later than May 15, which is widely rec­og­nized as the “last frost date” of the sea­son here in north­west Ohio, if you believe what you read in The Old Farm­ers Almanac. The foun­tain on the north­east cor­ner of the cour­t­house square, was offi­cially ded­i­cated and turned on dur­ing a cer­e­mony in early Octo­ber 2014. It could be turned on ear­lier this year if every­one agrees that there is no dan­ger of freez­ing before May 15th. The foun­tain con­tains a 30-foot pool of recy­cled water, and was built to com­mem­o­rate Bard Manufacturing’s 100th Anniversary.

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