The Sheriff Talks

Sher­iff Steve Towns met with the Williams County May­ors’ Asso­ci­a­tion on Wednes­day night.

The Sher­iff told the group that con­cealed carry per­mit requests sky­rock­eted in 2013 after the Sandy Hook school shoot­ing and the push for gun-control leg­is­la­tion after­wards.

He also told the group that he’s assigned one deputy as a bailiff to the Court of Com­mon Pleas to assist with court­room secu­rity.

The Bryan Times reports that Towns has also restarted the county’s Drug Abuse Resis­tance Edu­ca­tion pro­gram with Deputy Paul McCord as the lead edu­ca­tor.

The Sher­iff says heroin has reached epi­demic pro­por­tions nation­wide and it is also a big prob­lem right here in Williams County.

The Sher­iff also praised social media and email, say­ing the tech­nol­ogy makes it eas­ier to net­work and share information.

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