Macey has a new home.

Macey is a 300-pound sow that was found on April 1 lying near the side of a house along U.S. 20 by Mont­pe­lier. A woman on the scene said the pig fell out of a trac­tor trailer that was trav­el­ing around 60 miles per hour. No one claimed the pig and she was taken to an area shel­ter to be treated for her injuries.

Larry Thim­lar and his fam­ily heard about it. The Thimlar’s are a big 4-H fam­ily near Hicksville with two cows, a pygmy goat, horses, chick­ens, ducks, turkeys, geese, a bunny, six dogs, four pigs, 15 baby pigs, kit­tens and cats. They now have another pig… Macey has found a new home at the Thimlar’s farm. They’ve renamed the pig Myri­cle, because they say it’s a mir­a­cle that she survived.

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