Three Arrested For Drugs After Traffic Stop

Three peo­ple were arrested on drug related charges by Angola Police on Wednes­day morn­ing fol­low­ing a traf­fic stop. Meth was found in the vehi­cle, as well as a two-year-old boy. 39-year-old Robert Phibbs of Angola was pulled over for an expired plate. An Angola K-9 alerted on the vehi­cle, where inside, meth, an alleged meth lab, syringes, and other para­pher­na­lia was found. 23-year-old Mindy Combs of Orland along with Phibbs and 28-year-old Casey Shuff­stall of Angola were all locked up in the Steuben County Jail on felony charges of Deal­ing or Man­u­fac­tur­ing Metham­phet­a­mine, and pos­ses­sion of para­pher­na­lia and syringes.

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