Three Hurt In DKC Accident

A mother and her two children are hurt after a semi slams into a car in northern DeKalb County…about two miles south of the Dekalb / Steuben county line. Officials tell reporters…the semi was northbound when the driver failed to see a car parked on the east shoulder. No word on why the semi hit the car when it was not in the driving lane. The driver of the car, Amanda Fisher, 39, of Ashley was standing in front of the Monte Carlo with the hood open looking at the engine when the semi hit it and pushed it forward into Fisher. Fisher told police the car had died and the hazard lights were not working. Her two children, ages 16 and 11, were in rear seat and were tossed around…no seat belts. The semi swerves after hitting the car and runs off the road, down a ditch…hitting a tree. Someone…who Fisher had called to help fix the car prior to the crash…arrived shortly after, and took the three to an Angola hospital. The semi driver was not injured. State and local investigators are on the case, at this hour.

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