Toledo Funeral Home Owner Charged After Decaying Bodies Discovered

The owner of a Toledo funeral home, where sev­eral bod­ies intended for cre­ma­tion were found decay­ing, had now been charged with abuse of a corpse. Robert Tate Jr., accord­ing to offi­cials on Wednes­day, was accused of treat­ing a corpse in a way that would out­rage most peo­ple. The charge is a felony. Tate had pre­vi­ously had his license sus­pended, and he has been sued by the fam­ily of one man whose body was among those dis­cov­ered in the funeral home. Eleven bod­ies were taken from Tate Funeral Ser­vices fol­low­ing a com­plaint. Most of the bod­ies had been stored in cre­ma­tion boxes and body bags inside a garage with a leak­ing roof and wet floor, and at least one had been there since Jan­u­ary accord­ing to state investigators.

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