Troubled Defiance Pool Hoping To Open… Again

The old say­ing goes some­thing like this… “third time’s a charm.” In Defi­ance, offi­cials are hop­ing just that, as the Kings­bury Pool is about to open for the year.. for the third time. The pool opened first this year on June 6th, but then closed 10 days later because of flood­ing at the park. As soon as the flood waters receded, city employ­ees cleaned up the mess, and the pool was once again poised to open over the week­end of June 27–28. That never hap­pened though, after even more rain fell, send­ing the rivers back up even higher, and flood­ing the pool again. Once again, city employ­ees and life­guards went to work to clean it up. Now, the pool is cleaned and filled once again, and it is set to open… again, for the third time this year, today at noon. Pool hours are noon-9 p.m. Monday-Friday and 1–8 p.m. Sat­ur­day and Sun­day. The pool still has other prob­lems though… a leak­ing 10 inch drain beneath the pool is still in need of repairs. City offi­cials say they will wait until the pool sea­son ends next month, and then they will address that issue.

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