Truck Driver Killed In Massive Pile Up On Interstate 69

A truck dri­ver was killed early Tues­day morn­ing in an acci­dent involv­ing three semis which forced the total shut down of a three mile por­tion of I-69 south of Auburn for nearly eight hours. That driver’s name has not been released, but we do know that he was pro­nounced dead at the scene and the truck was fully involved in flames. One of the other rigs was dri­ven by 47-year-old Phen­ton Hadley of Gainesville, Florida, who was head­ing north at 3:17am near the 327 mile marker south of Auburn when it went off the road and rolled onto its pas­sen­ger side. A sec­ond semi dri­ven by 46-year-old Leonel Rios of Indi­anapo­lis stopped because of the crash but his rig was struck from behind by a third semi, which forced Rios’ truck into a ditch while the third semi went into the median and burst into flames. The semi dri­ven by Rios was haul­ing live­stock and the ani­mals got loose. Some 34 cat­tle had to be put down due to injuries. Rios was not injured. Hadley suf­fered seri­ous injuries.

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