Underwear Is A Big Deal At Some Jails

Believe it or not, under­wear is a cause of con­cern in some jails, but the “bot­tom” line, so to speak, is that no con­tra­band is dis­cov­ered in the waist­band. The Bryan Times reports that in Franklin County, the County Cor­rec­tions Divi­sion issued a press release, in which it said that all inmates must now buy their under­wear from the jail com­mis­ary or go do with­out, in other words… go com­mando. That’s because drugs reg­u­larly turn up in T-shirts and under­wear that is deliv­ered to jail inmates there. Appar­ently, mar­i­juana and even heroin is often sewed into the under­wear seams. Accord­ing to those at the Cor­rec­tions Cen­ter of North­west Ohio, that isn’t a prob­lem though. That’s because CCNO pro­vides all cloth­ing, includ­ing under­wear, for all inmates, with the excep­tion of those on work release, who wear their own clothes, but never mix with the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion. In Franklin County, they seem to be tak­ing the hint. County Com­mis­sion­ers there this week approved a $95,000 con­tract to pro­vide T-shirts, socks, bras, men’s box­ers and briefs, and women’s briefs to inmates in their county jail.

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