Victim of fatal stabbing in Grabill Saturday night has been identified.

The victim of a fatal stabbing in Grabill on Saturday night has been identified as local attorney and former Allen County magistrate Marcia Linsky. She was 64. Linsky’s boyfriend, Charles Calvert, faces a murder charge. Investigators believe he staged knives at the scene while claiming self-defense. William Lebrato, Allen County’s chief public defender, as well as other sources confirmed Linksy as the victim in the stabbing. The Allen County Coroner announced Tuesday her death was ruled a homicide, and determined she died from multiple wounds. Linsky was an active member of the community. She was a defense attorney at Close & Hitchcock, spending nearly 14 years as a Magistrate in the Allen County court system. She was also a board member for Blue Jacket Inc., the Fort Wayne non-profit which works to help people with job training and placement. State and local officials are working together in the murder investigation at this hour.


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