Wauseon Talks Pools And Dogs

In Wauseon, plans to build a new pool are mov­ing for­ward.

A res­o­lu­tion aimed at plac­ing the new pool at a city park, received unan­i­mous sup­port from coun­cil dur­ing their Mon­day night meet­ing, and now will be headed toward a sec­ond read­ing.

How a pool project would be funded how­ever, is still up in the air. One idea being floated so to speak, is a tax levy to pay for the pool.

Coun­cil on Mon­day night also addressed some other touchy issues, such as pend­ing changes to the dog laws in Wauseon.

That all comes about fol­low­ing a deci­sion sev­eral years ago, in which Ohio did away with its breed-specific laws — which declared pit bull-type dogs vicious by nature. Wauseon’s city code how­ever, did not.

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