Some area busi­nesses say the Level Three snow emer­gency that was declared for Mon­day and Tues­day in most of our area did more than clear the roads, they say it cleared out their stores, and also their cash reg­is­ters.

Many area busi­nesses say they that they will feel the eco­nomic impact of the so called Polar Inver­sion long after the feel­ing of numb­ness left by the bit­ter cold has passed.

With dri­vers unable to travel the roads, many area stores had to shut down because shop­pers couldn’t get there to shop, and work­ers couldn’t get there to work.

The cold weather also meant a longer Christ­mas break for many schools in the area than what they orig­i­nally planned for. Most schools in our area have been on extended break because of the cold weather and haz­ardous roads. Both the roads and the weather are expected to improve as we head for the weekend.

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