White Christmas? Well, Maybe…

Could we see a white Christ­mas? Well, accord­ing to the National weather ser­vice, the odds are slightly in our favor.

The National Weather Ser­vice, as of Tues­day, was pre­dict­ing about a 60 per­cent chance of some snow for Christ­mas, but it all depends on how sev­eral storm sys­tems mov­ing across the coun­try track.

Although a warm front is mov­ing through today from the Pacific North­west which will bring us some rain today, another front, this one a cold front mov­ing in from the Mis­sis­sippi Val­ley, could drop tem­per­a­tures low enough for some snow to appear on Christ­mas morn­ing, when the low will be around 30, and the tem­per­a­ture will change lit­tle by tomor­row after­noon, remain­ing in the 30’s. No mat­ter which way you are hop­ing the fore­cast will swing, keep your fin­gers crossed.

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