Winter Driving Begins Early

Be care­ful out on the roads today. Just after 4 this morn­ing, a spe­cial weather state­ment was issued by the National Weather Ser­vice in north­ern Indi­ana, indi­cat­ing that a light dust­ing of snow fell across the region overnight, caus­ing some some icy spots on roads… espe­cially on bridges and over­passes.

Although as the day pro­gresses, the slick spots will melt off and crews will have time to address them, dri­vers should be pre­pared for slick spots at any time now that we are enter­ing the colder months, and use cau­tion while dri­ving.

A good rule of thumb, accord­ing to the Ohio High­way Patrol, is if the pave­ment looks wet or shiny, assume it is slick and icy… slow down.

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