Wire Thieves Caught Red Handed

Two north­west Indi­ana men were arrested Mon­day night after state troop­ers found rolls of cop­per wire and wire cut­ters in the truck they were dri­ving in the area of Inter­state 69 and Indi­ana 8 near Auburn.

The offi­cers found 10 rolls of insu­lated cop­per wire in the bed of the truck and a pair of wire cut­ters in the driver’s pants pocket.

One of the offi­cers checked the light poles at a nearby high­way inter­change and found that wire had been cut and removed from four of them.

The esti­mated cost of the wire is $2,000 to $3,000 accord­ing to police.

29 year old Ryan Self and his pas­sen­ger, 36 year old Jerome Dunams each was arrested on a charge of felony theft.

Both men are locked up in the DeKalb County Jail.

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