Sauder Gets Huge Contract

Sauder Wood­work­ing Co. of Arch­bold, which has been mak­ing prod­ucts for Ikea’s Amer­i­can sub­sidiary since 2007, has been awarded a new five-year con­tract by Ikea, the Swedish home fur­nish­ings retailer, that could cre­ate between 150 to 250 new jobs at the Ful­ton County plant.

Sauder Wood­work­ing will sup­ply Ikea with four lines of fur­ni­ture under the new con­tract, includ­ing bed­room, office, enter­tain­ment, and children’s stor­age fur­ni­ture.

The new con­tract, accord­ing to Sauder offi­cials, will mean an invest­ment of more than $13 mil­lion in new equip­ment for the company.

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