Woman Arrested For Alleged Home Break-Ins

A woman was arrested after she allegedly broke into two Mont­pe­lier homes on Fri­day. In the first inci­dent, the home­owner told police he came home to find a woman, who he said appeared to be under the influ­ence of drugs or alco­hol, inside his home. He said he tried to hold her there until she told him that a sec­ond per­son was also inside the house. He went to search for that per­son, who ended up not even exist­ing, and when he did, the woman took off. She was later caught and iden­ti­fied as 35 year old Sarah Doyle of Mont­pe­lier. Accord­ing to the Bryan Times, Doyle had appar­ently eaten food and moved some items around in the house. She also, accord­ing to the paper, left a box inside in which she appar­ently planned to put items that she was steal­ing in. She also later allegedly broke into a home on Court St., where she suf­fered some sort of med­ical emer­gency and was unre­spon­sive. Two chil­dren found the woman there. Doyle was taken to the hos­pi­tal, and when she is released, she will likely face bur­glary, theft, and other charges.

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