Woman Who Reported Abduction Apparently Made The Whole Thing Up

It now appears that the reported abduc­tion of a Cold­wa­ter woman was
faked. Michi­gan State Police say the 18 year old woman called 911 Mon­day after­noon, and told them that she had been abducted while walk­ing along a road in Cold­wa­ter Town­ship. She said the man tied her up and left her in a corn­field, and she was able to get free, then get her phone and call for help.
She claimed she had got­ten into a fight with her boyfriend prior to tak­ing off on that walk. Offi­cials tri­an­gu­lated her posi­tion using cell phone tow­ers and located her within 20 min­utes of her call. When she was later inter­viewed how­ever, she told offi­cers that she made the whole thing up due to what she called “per­sonal issues”. The woman was released, but charges will likely be filed through the Branch County Prosecutor’s Office

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