Word Will Not Run Again

Williams County Com­mis­sioner, 66 year old Al Word, announced Mon­day he will not seek re-election in 2016.

Word had been cir­cu­lat­ing nom­i­nat­ing peti­tions and secur­ing sig­na­tures for re-election for the past cou­ple of months. On Mon­day, he sim­ply said he changed his mind. Word then said that he plans to sup­port the can­di­dacy of Scott Lirot (LEE-ROW), a Bryan native. The 52 year old Lirot is a 1981 Bryan High School grad­u­ate who has owned Foun­tain City Ice House for 20 years, and has worked at Chase Brass for 31 years. It would be Lirot’s first attempt at pub­lic office. Mean­while, Lirot was not the only can­di­date to pull nom­i­nat­ing peti­tions for county com­mis­sioner on Mon­day, accord­ing to the Bryan Times. Terry Rum­mel, of Pio­neer, who owns Cur­rent Office Solu­tions in Bryan, also took out peti­tions, and it was in April when the elec­tions board cer­ti­fied Rod­ney Miller’s peti­tions as a can­di­date for county com­mis­sioner. Miller is from West Unity.

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