Angola Home Invasion

Angola Police say two peo­ple broke into a home wield­ing a BB pis­tol and a knife taped to a three-foot metal club last week­end. The two said they were look­ing for some­one named To Jo and wanted cash for an X Box. The home­owner later said he had no clue what they were talk­ing about.

It hap­pened Sun­day morn­ing at the cor­ner of East Broad and North Martha Streets in Angola.

When offi­cers arrived, 27 year old Joshua Fen­ters ran off after drop­ping a butcher knife, three other knives, and the metal stick with a knife taped to it. Police caught up with Fen­ters and offi­cers arrested him.

27 year old Joey Sum­ner was also taken into cus­tody. Police say Sum­ner showed the home­owner a gun in his waist­band, and threat­ened him.

Fen­ters was charged with crim­i­nal tres­pass­ing and resist­ing law enforce­ment. He bonded out of jail Mon­day.

Sum­ner was hit with the same charges along with a felony count of intim­i­da­tion. He remains in the Steuben County Jail.

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