Cause of death confirmed in Hofner murder

The autopsy results are in, and the cause of death for Jonathan Hofner was mul­ti­ple gun­shots to the head. The Williams County Coro­ner Dr. Kevin Park said though the victim’s body was decom­posed, they were able to iden­tify Hofner through den­tal records. The sus­pect in his death is Bradley Gilbert of Mont­pe­lier. The 22-year-old was arrested in late Octo­ber in North Car­olina. Police won’t say what type of gun was used, but they con­firm it was owned by Gilbert. He has been indicted for kid­nap­ping, aggra­vated rob­bery, grand theft auto, petty theft, a credit card felony theft charge and two counts of aggra­vated murder.

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