County Building Sold At Auction

Keith Lock­hart now owns a piece of Bryan his­tory. The Bryan Times today, reports that Lock­hart sub­mit­ted the win­ning bid of $30,800 Thurs­day dur­ing an open auc­tion of the for­mer Williams County Sheriff’s Office and county jail build­ing in down­town Bryan. Lock­hart is a Mont­pe­lier con­struc­tion con­trac­tor. He actu­ally bid $28,000 for the build­ing at 218 W. Bryan St. In addi­tion to the bid price, Lock­hart also will pay a 10 per­cent “buyer’s pre­mium” fee.

About 20 peo­ple pre­reg­is­tered as bid­ders. Lock­hart said he plans to ren­o­vate and then rent out the res­i­den­tial por­tion of the build­ing, which includes the for­mer sheriff’s office. As for what he plans for the rest of the build­ing, he sim­ply said that he is open for input. The for­mer jail build­ing con­tains asbestos but Lockhart’s com­pany is licensed as an asbestos removal com­pany, so that isn’t a big prob­lem for him. Lock­hart out­bid Bryan Real Estate Agent Bart Bacon, who had bid $27,000. Bid­ding started at $5,000.

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