The grass has been grow­ing this year, not like last year when most of the area was in a drought. And green grow­ing grass means enforce­ment of the Defi­ance ordi­nances con­cern­ing high weeds and grass.

An ordi­nance in Defi­ance requires grass and weeds to be below 10 inches. If you don’t mow it, the city will.

So far, munic­i­pal employ­ees have mowed 55 prop­er­ties since early May. Prop­erty own­ers are billed for the work at a cost of $130 per hour with an $85 min­i­mum.

If the bill is not paid within 30 days, the charge is put on the customer’s water bill, and if they don’t pay their water bill, the water ser­vice is shut off.

The city has placed nui­sance signs con­cern­ing tall weeds and grass on about 300 prop­er­ties so far this year. Most prop­erty own­ers have com­plied with­out any fur­ther action by Defiance.

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