Dollars made the difference in Defiance mayor’s race

The race for mayor in Defi­ance was an expen­sive one for the win­ner, Repub­li­can Mike McCann. He spent just over $25,000 to unseat incum­bent Bob Arm­strong and fend off Inde­pen­dent Brian Brown in the recent Novem­ber elec­tion. This is the sec­ond time McCann ran to be mayor. The first time, he lost to Arm­strong and both men spent about the same amount of money on mar­ket­ing. This year, the dif­fer­ence was huge. From McCann’s 25 grand, to Brian Brown’s warch­est, $294.94. Arm­strong spent about $7,500 in the loss of his seat.

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