Emergency Alerts Now Available Via Text

When bad weather blows in to north­west Ohio, local law enforce­ment agen­cies want you to know about it.

Now, as tech­nol­ogy changes, more gov­ern­ments and munic­i­pal­i­ties are using alert noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tems to send texts directly to mobile phones. Cur­rently, the Defi­ance County Sheriff’s Office uses a sys­tem like that to pro­vide coun­ty­wide text and email alerts on severe weather sit­u­a­tions.

The Sheriff’s Office says just as soon as the sher­iff decides to go to a snow level or change a snow level from one to another, upgrade or down­grade, it goes on the sys­tem, and folks are noti­fied imme­di­ately.

They say the fact that many peo­ple live in one county, and travel to or work in another county, makes the sys­tem that more valu­able.

Best of all, the noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tems listed are free to sign up for, but as always, you should check with your phone car­rier to see if any charges may apply.

In Defi­ance County, you can sign up for text and email alerts from the Defi­ance County Sheriff’s Office by going to its web­site — www.defiance-county.com/dcso/

To sign up for text alerts in Pauld­ing County, use your mobile phone and text your zip code to 888777.

To sign up for alerts in Williams County go to www.alert86.com. And to sign up in Put­nam County, go to the sheriff’s office’s web­site at www.sheriffoff.com.

In Ful­ton County, you sim­ply go to www.fultoncountyoh.com, and in Henry County, go to http://entry.inspironlogistics.com/henrycounty_oh/wens.cfm.

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