Fentanyl is the next bad thing

In the fight against opioids, the Bryan Community Health Center is reporting a big increase in people seeking help with drug addiction and requesting medically assisted rehab. According to the Multi-Area Narcotics Task Force Commander Doug Engle, heroin has been the big problem, and now fentanyl is right behind. It’s more potent that heroin, and kills people before they can even get the needle out of the arm, he said. The big concern is a possible cluster of overdoses. So far, there’ve been two fentanyl deaths in the last month, according to Les McCaslin, CEO of the Four County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board. He said that drugs are sold in batches, and his agency is concerned about a batch of potent drugs hitting the market and taking lives. McCaslin said the community is fighting the drug problem and is making some headway. One issue that isn’t commonly known is accidental overdose of fentanyl through contact with your skin or it becoming airborne. Williams County EMS Training Coordinator Connie Brigle also confirmed her office has been notified to increase protective measures to prevent exposure to fentanyl.

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