Flood Waters Leave Damage Behind At Golf Course

Last week’s flood waters have caused a part of the Napoleon Munic­i­pal Golf Course to be closed down. Napoleon Parks and Rec Direc­tor Tony Cot­ter told the Cres­cent News that when the river level rises seven feet or more, it causes flood­ing in the creek run­ning along the west and south sides of the course. In the most recent flood­ing, that water level reached a height of between 13 and 14 feet, which resulted in a lot of water over a large area of the course. Cot­ter told the paper that early esti­mates indi­cate that as much as 40 per­cent of the golf course lost turf. He says if the grass is under water for three or more days, it will die due to loss of oxy­gen. That’s exactly what hap­pened. As late as this past Wednes­day, there were still some pock­ets of water remain­ing on the course. For now, play­ers must play the five open holes twice. Cot­ter says hole num­ber 4 may be lost.

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