Gun Thieves Indicted

Among the list of indict­ments handed down this week by the Williams County grand jury, were those of three men who are accused of thefts of firearms.

34 year old Michael Moser faces nine felony counts on charges that back in May, he stole a Mar­lin 17 HMR rifle, a Rem­ing­ton 722 rifle, two Rem­ing­ton 700 rifles and a Rem­ing­ton Model 4 rifle. He is also charged in rela­tion to sev­eral other break ins and thefts.

In an unre­lated inci­dent, 23 year old Tan­ner Jones and 21 year old Bozwell Smith, both of Indi­ana, are accused of bur­glarys and thefts, includ­ing guns, such as a sil­ver Super Comanche hand­gun, a sil­ver Fore­land Arms hand­gun and a black Beretta .25 cal­iber hand­gun, all from a home in Edon. The duo is also charged in con­nec­tion with other break ins.

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