A Hicksville man who was con­victed last week of 10 child sex­ual abuse charges, was sen­tenced to 62 years in prison Wednes­day in Defi­ance County Com­mon Pleas Court.

42 year old Jerry Stairhime had faced a max­i­mum prison term for the charges of 75 years.

Stairhime was found guilty of hav­ing sex­ual con­tact and sex­ual con­duct with four under­age girls– all who are now adults and all who tes­ti­fied against him dur­ing last week’s trial. The offenses occured from late 1996 until some time in 2006.

The judge said Stairhime is a sub­stan­tial risk to com­mit sim­i­lar acts in the future, and that was his rea­son­ing for the lengthy sen­tence.

Stairhime was also clas­si­fied as a sex­ual preda­tor under Ohio’s sex offender laws dur­ing Wednesday’s sentencing.

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