Hicksville To Let Tax Die

An expiring income tax caused some con­cern in the Hicksville School Dis­trict.

Dur­ing a brief meet­ing of the Hicksville Exempted Vil­lage Board of Edu­ca­tion, a .75 per­cent income tax which the board decided a year ago not to put up for renewal was dis­cussed. The tax expires at the end of this year, and because of increased state fund­ing and pru­dent use of finances, the income tax was deter­mined by the school board to be unnec­es­sary going for­ward.

Depend­ing upon state fund­ing, the board com­mented that hope­fully the dis­trict can go sev­eral more years with­out ask­ing for any addi­tional tax levys.

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