Horses Booted Out In Defiance

The Defi­ance County fair board this week, made the deci­sion to imme­di­ately stop rent­ing stalls in the fair­grounds’ horse barns. The board also said they plan to shut down the track for part of the spring and sum­mer.

Part of the rea­son given was that con­struc­tion will be tak­ing place at the track.

The other, and pos­si­bly the main rea­son behind the deci­sion, was the fact that some peo­ple who have been keep­ing horses at the fair­grounds have not been pay­ing rent or are behind on pay­ments.

This past Tues­day, the fair board handed out evic­tion notices to six horse own­ers, telling them they had 30-days to get their horses off the prop­erty.

The Cres­cent News reports that as of March 1, there were 20 horses housed in one barn at the fairgrounds.

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