It could be a long cold win­ter for the Huber Opera House and Civic Cen­ter.

The hot water boiler there is at least forty years old accord­ing to direc­tors, and it’s just plain shot.

They say it’s got a huge crack in it and it leaks water faster than it can be filled. The old fur­nace got them through last win­ter… barely, but now it needs replace­ment, and it needs replace­ment fast with win­ter right around the cor­ner.

The Huber board is pulling out all the stops to quickly raise about $52,000 to replace the unit with a new one that would have both heat­ing and air con­di­tion­ing. The Huber received a $10,000 grant to help and board mem­bers are solic­it­ing dona­tions. Prof­its from the group’s recent golf cart raf­fle will go toward the new fur­nace.

Board mem­bers say around $32,000 has already been raised, but more is needed.

Your Tax-deductible dona­tion can be sent to: Huber Opera House and Civic Cen­ter, 157 E. High St., Hicksville 43526.

The work needs to get under­way soon, as it is pro­jected to take between four and six weeks to get the new units in.

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