Jury Decides On Asbestos Suit In Defiance

A Defi­ance County jury on Fri­day, decided that the widow of a for­mer Gen­eral Motors employee who died of lung can­cer is enti­tled to work­ers’ com­pen­sa­tion ben­e­fits. It took a jury about four and a half hours to reach their deci­sion, in which they ruled that Fayrene Den­nis of Arkansas, the widow of Johnny Den­nis, who was employed by Gen­eral Motors at the Defi­ance GM plant from 1969 to 1995, should be enti­tled to the ben­e­fits. Johnny Den­nis died at the age of 57 back in 2003, and his death, accord­ing to med­ical experts, was more than likely caused by lung can­cer that he devel­oped due to asbestos expo­sure dur­ing his employ­ment with GM. It was found that despite a Gen­eral Motors asbestos removal pro­gram back in 1976, asbestos was still present in the plant for many years after that.

The trial took place less than two months after a jury decided back in Feb­ru­ary, that Loretta Bryant of Defi­ance, the widow of another long-time GM employee Ivan Bryant, who also died from lung can­cer, is enti­tled to benefits.

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