Stryker Taxes At Issue

The first read­ing of an ordi­nance to increase the income tax in Stryker by .3% was knocked down by a vote of four to two. If approved through three read­ings, the issue would have been on the Novem­ber bal­lot to increase the cur­rent 1.5 per­cent vil­lage income tax by 0.3 per­cent. Instead, a Novem­ber bal­lot issue would ask vot­ers to real­lo­cate the use of the cur­rent 0.5 per­cent income tax, which accounts for around $188,000 per year. The bal­lot issue, if approved, would route the 0.5 per­cent income tax to the gen­eral fund. The legal opin­ion on the real­lo­ca­tion of income tax and analy­sis of finan­cial posi­tion will be reviewed by coun­cil at the May meeting.

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