Major Cutbacks And Job Losses At Bryan Times

In another sign of chang­ing times, The Bryan Times will soon mark the end of an era. It was announced on Tues­day, that the press room and mail room at The Bryan Times will soon be shut­ting down, and all print­ing oper­a­tions will be trans­ferred to Fort Wayne, Ind.

Accord­ing to the paper itself, the com­ing changes involve not only the Bryan Times, but all other pub­li­ca­tions put out by the The Bryan Pub­lish­ing Com­pany. They include The Bryan Times, the North­west Sig­nal in Napoleon, The County­line, North­west Realty and The Leader Enter­prise. The change will take effect on Feb­ru­ary 2nd.

Accord­ing to the Bryan Times, their press is old… hav­ing been first installed back in 1968, and although it has been updated since then, it is not capa­ble of many of the options required by a daily news­pa­per in the 21st cen­tury.

The change will not come with­out loss. Loss of jobs that is. The paper said Tues­day, that a total of seven full-time jobs, and 11 part-time jobs will be elim­i­nated. The change, while offi­cially being termed a move toward more demand for color print­ing, is also a cost cut­ting move accord­ing to the paper.

Times Pub­lisher Christo­pher Cullis was quoted in the Times, as say­ing he hopes the peo­ple who are let go and will be seek­ing jobs, will be able to find jobs.

Accord­ing to Cullis, after the move, The Times will sell its press and insert­ing machine, and will make an effort to lease the approx­i­mately 10,000 square feet cur­rently occu­pied by the press and mail room operations.

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