New Health Offering Locally

A new health tech­nol­ogy sys­tem will be avail­able in Williams, Ful­ton, Defi­ance and Van Wert coun­ties begin­ning tomor­row.

Accord­ing to the Bryan Times, Parkview Physi­cians Group will begin to use “MyChart,” a secure and con­fi­den­tial web-based tool that allows patients to com­mu­ni­cate with their doctor’s offices and access many of their health care records from any­where with Inter­net access.

With the “MyChart” sys­tem, patients will be able to view their health sum­mary includ­ing cur­rent med­ica­tions and immu­niza­tions, request and can­cel appoint­ments, send and review secure mes­sages with the med­ical staff, request pre­scrip­tion refills and view and print some test results.

Accord­ing to the paper, results of a sen­si­tive nature how­ever, such as preg­nancy or STD test­ing will not be released.

To learn more, go to and search for MyChart.

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