New OH Gun Law Approaches

Ohio’s new “constitutional carry” firearms law is set to go into effect on June 13th. State Senate Bill 215 was passed earlier this year by the General Assembly…then signed into law by Gov. DeWine. The law no longer requires training certification for qualifying gun owners to carry a concealed firearm. That part is key…insiders say…because only those who pass a background check are allowed to purchase or possess a gun. This will not change under SB 215. A variety of factors could disqualify someone from owning a gun, such as a felony conviction, drug dependent status or mental illness. At the same time…those who can legally obtain a firearm and wish to conceal it…no longer have to take a course and certification process through the county sheriff’s office. Ohio already has an open-carry law that allows firearms legally acquired to be possessed in a holster or in some open manner.

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