New Security At Williams County Courthouse

There’s a new county court con­sta­ble in Williams County. He’s Rex Lawrence, who is cur­rently a sheriff’s deputy and the court bailiff. In his new posi­tion Lawrence will be in charge of over­see­ing secu­rity at the Williams County Cour­t­house. That will include man­ning the new secu­rity sta­tion at the west side pub­lic entrance. Lawrence has been trained and cer­ti­fied for his new posi­tion. Now, Lawrence will begin to tran­si­tion out of his cur­rent sheriff’s deputy posi­tion and become a county court employee. Begin­ning soon, all cour­t­house vis­i­tors will be required to pass through a secu­rity screen­ing. Two new walk-through body scan­ners have been pur­chased, but they are not yet oper­a­tional. Mean­while, cour­t­house and county employ­ees with cur­rent elec­tronic keys can still use any other cour­t­house entry point and will not be sub­ject to entrance secu­rity mea­sures. Lawrence is a Bryan native who’s been with the Williams County Sheriff’s Office for three years.

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