OSU Extension In Jeopardy

The levy sup­port­ing the Pauld­ing County OSU Exten­sion Office failed in the Nov. 4 elec­tion. How­ever, the ag and nat­ural resources posi­tion will remain, although for how long it’s not cer­tain, as the fund­ing source for that posi­tion is not per­ma­nent.

Sarah Nog­gle is the agri­cul­ture and nat­ural resources edu­ca­tor for the office. Her posi­tion is funded by pri­vate dona­tions through next year, but that presents a prob­lem as those sources are some­times unsta­ble.

There­fore, to try to set up a more sta­ble and long-term fund­ing source, the OSU is con­sid­er­ing ask­ing that the levy be re-run in 2015. It failed in the most recent elec­tion by a vote of 2,806 to 2,919… almost split exactly down the mid­dle, 50–50.

In the mean­time how­ever, farm­ers can rest assured that they will not have to travel far for the ser­vices they depend on.

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