OSU Suit…The Latestb

Ohio State University is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider questions about the law known as Title IX…in a case that affects whether more than 230 men can proceed with lawsuits against the school…over decades-old sexual abuse by a team doctor, the late Richard Strauss. The petition urges the high court to hear the case and review two aspects: When does the clock start ticking on the legal time limit for filing Title IX claims…which in this case are about the university’s alleged deliberate indifference toward sexual harassment? And does the right to bring such claims apply to people who aren’t students or employees there, such as fans attending football games or visitors touring campus? The school argues the divided appeals court that revived the unsettled lawsuits against OSU reached the wrong conclusions on both elements. The abuse survivors and their lawyers see it differently, accusing the university of adding to their trauma with each new round of legal appeals. The university has repeatedly offered public apologies to those Strauss harmed and has reached over $60 million in settlements with at least 296 survivors.

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