Paulding Mayor Greg Reinhart confirms police will begin working 12 hour shifts

Things got testy during the Paulding Village Council meeting regarding police department and township issues. During Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Randy Daeger said he was told by a resident that the police force was going to 12-hour shifts. Mayor Greg Reinhart confirmed that information, adding that it would begin in February. Councilwoman Barb Rife stated no police department works 12-hour shifts and that she didn’t know why Paulding’s should do so. The mayor said the move was done so police department employees who work second and third shifts don’t work every weekend. However, there had been no complaints about that issue. Rife said she was not OK with the move saying it’s a safety issue and added any policeman or any employee who works 12 hours will be tired. She said police work is stressful enough without being tired.

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