Paulding Recount Official

It was close, but now that the pro­vi­sional bal­lots have been counted, the Pauld­ing County Carnegie Library levy offi­cially passed.

After the gen­eral elec­tion, the district’s 1.5-mill levy — which was a renewal with a decrease — had passed by a vote of 2,895 to 2,875. How­ever, there were 63 pro­vi­sional bal­lots out­stand­ing.

Those bal­lots were counted Tues­day, and now it can be reported that the levy offi­cially passed by a vote of 2,929 to 2,903 (50.22 per­cent to 49.78 per­cent) in the cer­ti­fied offi­cial count by the Pauld­ing County Board of Elec­tions.

Still, because pas­sage was less than one half of 1 per­cent, an auto­matic recount must occur under law. That recount now will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 1. How­ever, Pauld­ing County offi­cials say they do not believe the vote total will change with the final recount. The levy will gen­er­ate a gross rev­enue of $480,000 a year for oper­at­ing expenses in the district.

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