Quadco Financial Picture A Bit Brighter

The Finan­cial fore­cast looks a bit brighter at Quadco.

Accord­ing to a press release we received from Quadco on Tues­day, while not­ing there was still a ways to go, Quadco exec­u­tives say they have seen some bet­ter finan­cial news in recent days.

While the state­ments still show a loss, the loss was less than in pre­vi­ous months.

In addi­tion to an annual $90,000 con­tract that was awarded to Quadco at their meet­ing ear­lier this month, a $79,000 con­tract to pro­vide more employ­ment ser­vices through Quadco was awarded.

Also at the recent meet­ing, the board mem­bers approved the 2015 cal­en­dar. They also reviewed the sick leave pol­icy and decided not to make any changes to it.

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