Scam Warning

Williams County Sher­iff Steven Towns has put out the warn­ing about another scam that is mak­ing the rounds in our area.

The sher­iff says the new scam involves a man call­ing from 917–460-9954 stat­ing he’s from Pub­lish­ers Clear­ing­house. The caller informs peo­ple that they have won the sweep­stakes’ cash grand prize and all that needs to be done is to send the caller a $500 deposit to claim the prize.

The caller then asks for a deposit via Mon­ey­Pak card that they will sug­gest can be pur­chased from Kmart, Wal­greens or CVS.

After pur­chas­ing the Mon­ey­Pak card, the caller will want a return call with infor­ma­tion on the 14-digit code attached to the card.

The scam is real­ized when the caller gets the code, because then they can cash the Mon­ey­Pak with­out even hav­ing the card in their pos­ses­sion.

Sher­iff Towns says folks should not send money or offer any credit card infor­ma­tion to callers.

For more infor­ma­tion on the tele­phone scam or to report a scam or fraud attempt, call the sheriff’s office at 419–636-3151.

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