Sexting Can Lead To Serious Charges — Like It Or Not!

A cou­ple of high school sweet­hearts could soon find them­selves listed as reg­is­tered sex offend­ers if they send each other nude or sex­u­ally explicit pho­tos. The term is sex­ting, and it’s been brought to the fore­front due to an ongo­ing inves­ti­ga­tion involv­ing some stu­dents at Arch­bold High School.

The Toledo Blade reports that since Octo­ber, an inves­ti­ga­tion has been under­way which involves Arch­bold Police and the Ohio Bureau of Crim­i­nal Investigation’s Crimes Against Chil­dren Unit.

Author­i­ties have yet to file any offi­cial charges, but they say they have found a lot of evi­dence. Now, offi­cials say that any­one there who is found to have illicit images on their phones, includ­ing stu­dents, could face felony charges for that, even if it is some­thing between a boyfriend and a girl­friend and it’s con­sen­sual.

If a stu­dent is con­victed of a sexually-related crime and is under 17, the juve­nile court judge would have dis­cre­tion on whether or not the stu­dent should reg­is­ter as a sex offender. If that stu­dent is already 17 or older, they are required to reg­is­ter for any­where from 10 years to life.

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